Suzi’s Rules of Cosplay

In response to probably the most awful set of rules about cosplayers I’ve EVER seen, I’ve decided to make my own list of cosplayer rules. In case you haven’t seen it, the offensive article is located here. (Note, this girl doesn’t actual seem to have many cosplays herself and isn’t the picture of perfection).

  1. Know Thy Character-By this I mean, know you want to cosplay a character! It doesn’t matter why you do, just do it! Sure, its better to know about the character, because you tend to like them more! But cosplaying with friends or for a BF/GF isn’t bad at all! As long as you are having fun!
  2. Know Thy Body-If you are 5’3 and 300 lbs and wanna cosplay Sailor Moon, you go for it! Cosplay what you love and whatever makes you comfortable! If you feel confident in a costume, you wear it! 
  3. Know Thy Material-Remember, some materials do look better then others! Thats a fact! But don’t fret! If you worked hard then it’ll show through no matter what material you use!
  4. Know Thy Series-It’s always a good idea to learn more about the series your character is from. If you don’t like it though, don’t feel like you have to keep up with it. Its ok to like a character and not the series!
  5. Know Thyself-Know that you can be any character with any disposition! Being friendly if you’re cosplaying a villain isn’t bad, it encourages people to approach and talk to you about your cosplay. The only time attitude shows is on camera. Remember, you’re just dressing like the character, you aren’t actually them!
  6. Know Thy Prop-If your character has a boomarang made out of bone, give it your best shot! If you have to end up making it out of duct tape, thats ok! You tried and you did your best!
  7. Know Thy Timeline-Don’t stress yourself! If you are running low on time, just do your best. If its not done, thats ok! Either wear whats done or sit back and enjoy the show! theres always another con!
  8. Know Thy Fandom-No really! Get to know them! The people cosplaying from the same thing as you are the best people to interact with! And if everyone and there mom is cosplaying the character you want to be, good! It means you’ll have something in common!
  9. Know Thy Gender-Crossplay is 100% ok! Thats most of what i personally do! Looking into materials like chest binders is a good thing to try! But cosplaying your own gender is just fine! Cosplay whoever you’d like!
  10. Know Thy Make-Up- Make up is a wonderful thing in cosplay! It enhances the costume! I always recommend makeup for any cosplay even if its foundation! But if you can’t afford it, don’t worry about it! But it’ll help you look your best in pictures!
  11. Understand there will be pictures Taken-So make sure to smile and have fun! You don’t have to let people take pictures if you aren’t comfortable, you can always say no! But be courteous always! 

Remember everyone: Cosplay is about fun! If you choose to craft your own costumes and compete, it is an art form, but otherwise, its about you and having fun!